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Burns Suppers


A bagpiper can be used in many parts in a Burns Supper. Being one of the foremost Sydney bagpipers I am able to suggest the following:


  • Playing a melody of Scottish songs/tunes that most people would know before hand in the driveway or out in the back yard

  • Formally Piping the guest of honour into the Supper.

  • Play periodically during the supper.

  • Play for the presentation of the Haggis

  • Teach and Play for an easy Scottish dance
    that everyone can do.

  • Address a haggis involving the guest of honour
    (I can arrange a haggis if needed)

  • Highland Dancer -  Yes, I can arrange for highland dancers to come along and dance the "Swords" or a "Fling" to see the swing of the kilt on accredited dancers


A Full Scottish Banquet
Bagpiper, Highland Dancers, Haggis, Scottish Sausage for the BBQ, White Pudding, Black Pudding, Potato Scones, Soda Scones and Scottish Pies
Ask and I will help created a full event for you.

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