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In recent years, the sound of Bagpipes has become associated with funeral services. Perhaps it is the ancient, non-western scale of the instrument or the soulful and haunting sounds that it makes. But for whatever the reason,

many people want to have bagpipes played at a funeral service.

How many times have you seen coverage on the evening news of a funeral for a fireman or policeman who has given their life in the performance of their duties, you can usually hear a piper in the background playing Amazing Grace.

Being one of the most outstanding Sydney bagpipers may I suggest for a Funeral Service

  • Bagpipes can be played outside as mourners arrive.

  • Inside the Chapel or Church.

  • Play as the family enters.

  • Play as the casket is brought in.

  • At any point in the service, the piper could play a special hymn or tune on either kind of pipes.
    The piper could be in the same room, or off in the distance (or outside) if preferred.

  • The pipes can be played as the casket is carried out of the chapel.

  • Bagpipes can be played as the funeral procession arrives, during the graveside service,
    or after the service is over and friends and family are leaving.

  • The piper to be at a distance and out of sight when the tune is started.
    Then move slowly move towards the graveside before the hymn is completed.

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